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    Red Velvet or Fresh Fruits- send cakes to Chandigarh!

    Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette’s, success- the foremost thoughts that come to your mind are of cupcakes loaded with chocolate chips, muffins in your favorite flavors, fresh fruit cakes and the cakes which are living fantasies on your table tops. Giftchandigarh serves to your sweet-tooth cravings and adding, even more, glitter to your celebrations. Be it your precious little one’s first birthday or the golden year of fifty of your father, or the twenty-fifth year of your wedding or the big day itself- your special day does call for a special customized cake, and you will get all here that you wish for.

    We know that despite your tight work schedule, you wish to make it up to your loved ones on their special days with loads of gifts wrapped in love, but stopping by the best cake shop in the town is not always a feasible option. You can order cake online Chandigarh and avail our midnight delivery or next day delivery services.

    Online Cake Delivery in Chandigarh –

    Cakes By Occasion
    Cakes By Design
    Cakes By Sizes
    Birthday Regular Cakes Half Kg
    Valentine's Day Photo Cakes One N Half Kg
    New Year Cartoon Animated Cakes One Kg
    Anniversary Heart Shape Cakes Two Kg
    Christmas Romantic Cakes 2-3 Tier

    Fun-filled Cakes for Kids!

    While a ‘red velvet’ cake can be a part of a romantic surprise to your loved ones, the number cakes- double or single digits- customized with floral designs can be the one for your toddler’s birthday. The thematic cakes of Mickey-Mouse, hello- kitty, and for the football freaks, the cake in the mould of a ‘football’ are the kiddos’ favorite. Also, you can check out the ‘Alphabet’ cakes and incorporate your desired customization's.

    Romantic Wedding and Anniversary Cakes!

    The contemporary wedding scenes have a ‘wedding cake’ as the show stopper. The two-tier cakes are the most ordered ones for wedding parties. Be it Butterscotch, or coffee, or dark chocolate, or blueberry or any of your favorite flavor along with your desired customization's, nothing can beat that when it comes to the celebrations of your wedding anniversary. A rich red-velvet two-tier cake, customized with golden carnations can be a perfect fit for a colorful Indian wedding ceremony. For your 25th anniversary celebrations, the tiers of your cake are loaded with your favorite flavors and only need elegant silver carnations or little tit-bits in silver to ace it.

    Impress your loved ones with Digital Photo cakes!

    Trends say that the digital photo cakes have become the recent favorites of many. You can place your order and upload the picture you want to be there on the cake and surprise your loved ones with the memories captured at the table top. We guarantee on the quality of the edible colors used in these photo cakes, so relive your best memories in a literally sweet way with our digital photo- cakes.

    Egg less Cakes- A Delight for vegetarians!

    For the vegetarians, we have beautiful cake designs – absolutely egg less. One of these from our sugary collections has the icing of fresh fruits, and by that, we make sure to serve you a colorful platter of several fruits, all juicy and fresh.

    Customized cakes for all!

    Customized cakes in various moulds like the Barbie mould with a flowing icing in white and pink are another from the people’s favorite. Also, the cupcakes in candy pink, lime green and lighter shades of blue and yellow accompanied by a chocolate truffle cake are the trending favorites for the bachelorette parties.

    Send cakes to Chandigarh with Giftchandigarh and manifold the rejoicing special day celebrations of your loved ones even if you cannot make it to the event.

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